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Union Membership

Nabet700 Unifor

Awards and Nominations

2011 Gemini Nominee
So You Think You Can Dance Canada, CTV
Achievement in Costume Design

Television Series | costume design

CBC: Battle of the Blades
costume design, 10 episodes

CBC: Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Over the Rainbow
costume design, 18 episodes

CTV: So You Think You Can Dance Canada
costume design, 72 episodes (4 seasons)

CTV/TCN: Comedy Now
costume design, 195 episodes

CTV/TCN:Comedy Inc
costume design, 65 episodes

CBC: Rita & Friends
costume design, 45 episodes (3 seasons)

CTV/TCN: The Holmes Show
costume design, 22 episodes

CTV/TCN: The Bobroom Series
costume design, 10 episodes

CTV/TCN: Nikki’s FunTime Show
Pilot episode

CTV/TCN: Not to be Repeated Series
costume design, 15 episodes

CTV: Chez Carla
costume design, 9 episodes

Television specials | costume design

Anne Murray’s Classic Christmas
Anne Murray in Nova Scotia
Anne Murray ‘The Music of My Life’
Anne Murray in London
Anne Murray Family Christmas
An Intimate Evening with Anne Murray
Anne Murray RSVP
A Special Anne Murray Christmas
Anne Murray Greatest Hits II
Anne Murray What A Wonderful World
Anne Murray Ladies Night Show
Anne Murray in Walt Disney World
4 – 1hour Comedy Specials
Carla Collins
Glen Foster
Jessica Holmes
Jason Rouse
The Barra MacNeil Christmas Special
The Rankins Reunion Special
Rita MacNeil ‘A Victorian Christmas’
Rita MacNeil’s Cape Breton
Rita MacNeil’s Celtic Celebration
Rita MacNeil – ‘On a Personal Note’ Documentary
Rita MacNeil and Men of the Deeps
Brigitte Gall ‘Joan of Montreal’
Amanda Marshall Music Special
Buffy St Marie Music Special
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Pamela Wallin
George Fox’s Canadian Country
Michelle Wright Music Special
David Copperfield Magic show
Carol Baker Special
CTV/TCN: The Bobroom Special
CTV: Not to be Repeated Special
CTV/TCN: ‎Carla Collins Special

Music Video

Anne Murray ‘What a Wonderful World’
Anne Murray and Dawn Langstroth ‘Let There Be Love’
Anne Murray ‘Now and Forever’
Anne Murray ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You Do’
Anne Murray ‘Winter Wonderland’
Anne Murray ‘What’s Forever/Do You Think of Me’
Anne Murray ‘Silent Night’
Anne Murray ‘Flying on Your Own’
Anne Murray ‘This Season Will Never Grow Old’
Anne Murray & Kenny Rogers ‘If I Ever Fall in Love Again’
Anne Murray ‘Time Don’t Run Out on Me’
Anne Murray ‘Are You Still In Love with Me’
Anne Murray ‘Who’s Leaving Who’
Anne Murray & Glen Campbell ‘Silver Bells’
Anne Murray Blue Finger Lou’
Rita MacNeil We’ll Reach the Sky Tonight’
Rita MacNeil ‘Flying on Your Own’
Barra MacNeils ‘Ballad of Lucy Jordan’
George Fox ‘Who’s Holding Me’
CTV/TCN: Carla Collins Special
CTV/TCN: The Bobroom Special
CTV: Not to be Repeated Special

Touring Music shows | costume design

Anne Murray and band live tours
1 – 2 tours per year for 22 years
Rita MacNeil and band live tours
1 tour per year for 12 years

Album Covers | costume design/styling

Anne Murray

  • Greatest Hits
  • Where Do You Go When You Dream
  • Christmas Wishes
  • The Hottest Night of the Year
  • Heart Over Mind
  • Something To Talk About
  • Harmony
  • As I Am
  • Anne Murray Christmas
  • Love Songs
  • Greatest Hits Volume 2
  • You Will
  • Yes I Do
  • Fifteen of the Best
  • Greatest Hits and Performances
  • Croonin
  • The Best….So Far
  • Anne Murray
  • What a Wonderful World
  • What a Wonderful Christmas
  • Country Croonin

Rita MacNeil

  • Rita MacNeil Live and In Concert
  • Music of a Thousand Nights
  • Thinking of You
  • Songs My Mother Loved

George Fox

  • 3 album covers

Image Consulting

News anchors, CFTO News

  • Ken Shaw
  • Christine Bentley
  • Bill Hutchison
  • Colin Dimello
  • Pauline Chan
  • Tom Hayes
  • Lance Brown
  • Tom Brown
  • Patrick Foran
  • Joe Tilley
  • Suneel Joshi
  • Anwar Knight
  • Michelle Dube
  • Tamara Cherry
  • Tim Weber

News Anchors, CTV News

  • Lloyd Roberston
  • Lisa LaFlamme
  • Sandie Renaldo

Canada AM

  • Seamus O’Reagan
  • Beverly Thomson
  • Marci Ien
  • Jeff Hutchison
  • Mi-Jung Lee

The Verdict

  • Paula Todd

Design for Living

  • Kimberly Seldon, 54 episodes

Image Consulting | continued

Canadian Living Television, 145 episodes
Giller Awards 2006
TSN on air anchors
Kate Beirness
Dan O’Toole
Jay Onrait
Holly Horton
Mark Masters
Natasha Staniszewski
Sara Olesky
Rod Black
Gino Reda
Cathy Gaultier
Jennifer Hedger
Rod Smith

Kate McKenna
Daily Planet, 1 season
Natasha Stillwell
Jay Ingram
Inside Travel, 1 season
Christine Diakos
Entertainment Now, 6 seasons
Carla Collins
Canadian Living Cooks, 1 season
Canadian House and Home, 1 season
Lynda Reeves
Dini Petty Show, 1 season
Dini Petty

Feature Film | costume Design

My Own Private Oshawa


WIFT Crystal Awards
Carla Collins
Michael Burgess Stage Show


Anne Murray Heartland
Degree Antiperspirant
Focus Eyewear

Costumes/Styling for personalites/performers |
television, personal appearances, album covers, publicity shots, interviews

Kim Campbell Prime Minister of Canada (all wardrobe for campaign and office as Prime Minister)
Pamela Wallin television personality
Anne Murray singer
Ben Mulroney television host
Tanya Kim television host
Mary Murphy dancer, entertainer, television personality: costumes for So You Think You Can Dance Canada and US
Paul Shaffer musician, television personality
Frank Mills pianist
Andrea Martin comedian, actor
Rick Moranis comedian, actor
Cory Hart singer
Roman Danylo comedian
Patti Labelle singer
Brian Boitano figure skater
Paul Janz singer
Johnathan Wilson writer, actor
Dusty Springfield singer
Rita McNeil singer
Michael Burgess singer
Amanda Marshall singer
Michelle Wright singer
Harry Anderson actor
Patricia Conroy singer
Megan Follows actress
Carla Collins comedian, television personality
Harry Anderson actor
Barra MacNeils band
The Rankins band
Brigitte Gall comedian
Barbara Hall mayoral candidate
George Fox singer
Dawn Lanstroth singer
Carol Baker singer
Skydiggers band
Lynda Reeves television host, Canadian House and Home Magazine
Liz West television personality
Catherine Wilson concert pianist