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Exploring the costuming process with wardrobe designer Lee Kinoshita-Bevington
Lindsay Zier-Vogel, CTV.ca
September 1 2011
“What do Dolly Parton and the So You Think You Can Dance Canada dancers have in common? Wardrobe designer Lee Kinoshita-Bevington has made them look fabulous on stage.”


Designer draws bead on SYTYCD
Rita Zekas, The Toronto Star
October 25 2010
“Judges on So You Think You can Dance Canada routinely praise the contestants about their costumes.  Especially Jean-Marc Généreux when the dancer is wearing a hot cha-cha number consisting of little more than beads and netting…”


Let’s ‘Dance’
Melissa Hank, TVGuide.ca
September 23 2010
“They’re the unsung heroes of dance competition shows. Much glory goes to the choreographers for meting out the steps, the contestants for turning on the personality, and the judges for their bon mots, but the costume designers normally stitch away in obscurity…”


So You Think You Can Style? Meet the show’s Canadian style guru

Lindsay Zier-Vogel, CTV.ca
August 13 2009
“From Leah’s heels to Tré’s chunky necklaces, Jean Marc’s suits to Luther’s leather jackets, So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s costume designer, Lee Kinoshita-Bevington has a busy job behind the scenes on the audition tour…”


Behind the Scenes: Get Inside the Wardrobe Room
Lindsay Zier-Vogel, CTV.ca
November 11 2008
“You can hear the wardrobe room long before you ever reach it, with the hiss of the industrial iron. There are bright scraps of fabric all over the floor, remnants of costumes that have made their way onto the stage and some that are still waiting in the wings…”